Limited Editions

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There are so many ways to reproduce art, the 3 main ways I use are giclees, offset lithographs, and serigraphs. Following is a brief description of these processes:

  • Giclees

A giclee (zhee-CLAY) is individually produced from a digital scan of original artwork. A high-resolution reproduction is then printed on canvas (other media can be printed on, but mine are on canvas), with a special large format printer using inkjet technology (a far more sophisticated version than the desktop printer inkjet technology, with lightfast archival inks and finer, more numerous printheads and a wider color gamut).

  • Offset Lithographs

The signed and numbered limited edition offset lithographs are done on a printing press. The colors are broken down into the 4 primaries and then printed on top of each other. They are matched to the actual oil painting and I approve the color before the edition is actually run. Then I sign and number each lithograph sequentially. The offset lithographs are signed and numbered in editions of 225.

  • Serigraphs

The serigraphs are a different process of printing. Instead of being done on a printing press, each color is hand silk-screened onto the paper one at a time to recreate the image. The painstaking registration of each color next to the other is all done by hand, as well as hand separating all the colors to begin with. The type of ink used is more opaque and creates a brilliant color. The serigraphs were all varnished at the time of printing, and don't necessarily have to be put under plexiglas. The serigraphs are in editions of 250. Each one is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.