I was born and raised in New York, moving to California in 1975 where I now reside with my family. My career as an artist began during high school and has continued and grown to date.

I use oils and like to work on large format canvases to create the feeling that you can actually "walk into" the painting. My recent challenge to myself is to represent the feeling of movement in a painting. I'm working with many different effects of reflections to acheive a rhythm in the water. I'm introducing the mirror qualities of the early morning light, and using undulating reflections to create the sense of motion in the work. My background is in architecture, which gives me a strong sense of balance and design. I'm fluent in both realism and abstract painting. I find I bring techniques used in the abstract paintings to my realism work and vice versa.


Some of my works are in permanent collections of:

Children's Hospital, Boston

The City of Beverly Hills

Daniel Freeman Hospital, Los Angeles

Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wi.

Bienale, Firenze, Italy


For the most current works and limited editions, visit the website: